Lets Talk crossdressers

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So, this is based on somethig over the weekend. A guy came up to me in a bar, and, well I kind of treated him like an idiot pig, which he was, but later I kind of felt bad because I think he just didnt know. So what do I mean by that...........and maybe I can help you bang a CD a little easier.

Now, this is just my experience, and being around many CD's and such. we all come in different flavors, and we have subsets, just like anyone else. Think about, we have humans, we have male or female, we have black, white, Asian, Hispanic.......well, CD's we are not all the same, but certain groups have a touch of similar characteristics. I will try not to sound like an egocentric bitch, and no insult to anyone who disagrees with me, simply my experience.

And remember, if someone is happy, thats all that matters

So the first one, the guy who has a few pairs of ladies pantys and calls himself a crossdresser. Most of the more experienced ones refer to them as panty boys, as they are really not acting as a CD, but more of a fetish. These guys usually just want to be told they look great on their ass, and the standard pick up is the sames as any other guy. You get bonus points if you really spend time rubbing them through their pantys, huge turn on.
Now later, quite often, but not always this is the entry level and will migrate to more.

next, we have the guys who may wear more. Like a dress, bra, pantys, but, they are still a hairy guy. I dont really have any experience or understanding of the mindset. Usually it is work or other things that stop them from going further, but this can also be a level 2 per se. Just let them know you love a cock in pantys, and you will probably have a good time.

Next, we have what is commonly called a sissy. They may use terms like "Daddy" with a guy, the ones I have seen kind of prance around or squeal in a high pitched voice. Many like to be used or degraded. Truthfully, I don't understand this as it is not me, but to each their own. For these guys, many times treat them like a sub and you cant go wrong, they will correct you.

Next, we have the ones I do understand.And full disclosure, yeah, many of us can be a nasty bitch and have a chip on our shoulder, like we are better than all the others. hey , you want honesty right ?
I didn't say we are better, but I have seen many like me look down on others, which is sad.

So, what is different with us.Well, for one thing we go all out to make ourselves as passable as we can, even if we know we cannot reach that goal. There is more pride in having proper lingerie set ups. We will take time on picking out dresses and out fits. generally shaved everywhere. We work to get proficient in make up. Even the ones that are passable are easy to spot as you can see they over try to get exactly the perfect female. We probably buy 90% of the corsets in town to reach the ultimate hourglass figure...................we will treat it like we have left community college plays and work on Broadway now as an analogy. Many of us will actually practice how we walk, how we sit , how we's a source of great pride, most of us are very comitted, even in casual wear

So what happened at the bar. well this guy was using terms with me like I was a sissy, actually a sissy streetwalker. He thought he was being cool, and I dont think he understood we are all very different.Thing slike, bitch, you want this cock right, or I will fuck you like you have never been fucked, I will let you serve me. Now, the guy I did go home with.

He came up, introduced himself, gave a compliment or two. we had a conversation about a ton of things. He had a lot of pride in his appearance, smelled good, carried himself well. He knew how to play the game. When we left, he held doors open. The foreplay was excellent, not jsut a get on your knees type of thing. His situation downstairs was well situated, no funk and trimmed.

So, bottom line, if you want a guy who wears pantys, just go for it like any other guy.
A sissy, make sure you start by being a little dominering and in charge
A full blown CD, make sure you used an entire bar of Irish spring down there, clothes are ironed.........and treat them like you would a woman you are truly interested in.

He did ask me if I had some European in me, I said yes, he asked fi I wanted more.............I said yes again

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