In the Beginning - Part IV

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Morality has it place and uses and has served us well... and not so much. It serves to suppress our natural desires to have sex by mandating how we are allowed to have sex; who we can have it with; the conditions under which sex is allowable, i.e., only in a relationship and with fornication and homosexuality being moral sins, it served to keep us being about the business of... making babies which, at the time our morality came to be, made a lot of sense given the low life expectancy of humans in the early going.

Like, I knew why I'd better not get my sister pregnant - birth defects and some that could be unimaginably horrible but the loophole I and others found was that sure - you could fuck your sister as long as you took great care not to impregnate her and the other loophole that became pretty obvious: Boys can't get each other pregnant. And understanding how our morality mindfucked us into believing that homosexual sex - and homosexuals - were the great evil because, again, two guys can have sex like it's going out of style and... no babies.

And learning this and my first thought was, "It can't be that simple... can it?" when I was studying why people hated homosexuals so much and how we can believe something that I learned wasn't the whole truth of things. The sadness I sometimes feel to know that over thousands of years, we... haven't learned a damned thing. Those "what the fuck" moments I get seeing so many people making bisexuality into something other than what it literally is; I went to the doctor yesterday and on the form I had to fill out, they... wanted to know what my pronouns were.

For someone who is an OG bisexual from way back in the day, I often can't believe the insanity that I see on almost a daily basis but, this, too, is a learning experience for me but it continues to make me yearn for the good old days when being able to have sex with a guy was... pretty damned easy and not all that complicated. Growing up and being active in a time where... there were no boundaries for those who didn't want to be all caught up in the ones that did exist and, again, served to control us. At this point, I'm not talking about the real and true abusers; I'm not talking about the guys who used force to get their male friends to have sex with them, but these things are part of the reality that makes us behave like children who are afraid of the dark and imaginary monsters under their bed... because, in truth, there's nothing... pretty about the pursuit of sex and no matter how much we try to romanticize and sugar coat it but that reality also said that not everything was abusive; not everything was forced and not everyone was a victim and incest... isn't really all that bad of a thing as long as no babies are conceived and those involved got involved because they wanted to and not because they were forced to.

These are truths that I learned in the beginning and, again, they are truths that make a lot of people want to soil themselves because they believe in some stuff that isn't the whole truth when it comes to sex and sexuality and... what it means to be human and the sadness felt knowing that we continually and consistently fail to learn from history... and I'm the guy who has the nerve to put it all out there as I experienced and learned it by interacting with so many men and women from all walks of life.

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