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  1. Hi Peter. Thank you for your message. It's been a while since I joined this web site so I had to read my profile again to know what you loved about it. My profile is very honest about using my mouth to provide sexual pleasure to others, for me it's a very satisfying act of submission to put my face between someone's legs and use only my mouth to give them the ultimate pleasure. I'm a devout purist when it comes to oral sex in that I minimize the use of my hands/fingers, believing that oral pleasure should be achieved solely through the use of my lips and tongue. Although I'm not in the Philadelphia area I'm open to communicating with other like-minded people such as yourself and would love to hear about your experiences if you are open to sharing them.
  2. Hi, Peter here. Love your write up on your profile. Very much the same as my journey. I love love love going down on women (and now men). Growing up it was my first and favorite part of sex. That evolved into an interest in oral sex with men at a joung age. And the rest as they say, is history. I dont suppose you are in the Philadelphia area?
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