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  1. Hi, John,

    Thanks for the input. I want to suck and deepthroat a big cock bad. I'm an otherwise normal guy. But the thought of letting a guy with a big cock have is way with my mouth and throat. I have practiced on very large dildos so I know I can take a very bi cock all the way down.
  2. Hello. I have had the privilidge tosuck and deep throat a large cock to completion on a regular basis.
    You will need to do it more than onceto learn what he likes most and how to control your gag reflex whenyou have his dick in as deep as it will go. But, eventually you willbe good at it and love doing it and probably not a kinsey 2 anymore. is not the best site to attain what you are looking for(but it could happen). I had more luck joining pay sites where theguys are putting their money where there mouth is (pun intended).
    I hope you are as lucky as me in getting what you want.

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