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  1. Hi John, thank you for being my friend and writing me a nice message. I read your profile noticing that you are close by and that we have similar interests and hope that we can be more than friends on here. I've away been more gay then bisexual with male-male activity with me beginning at age 13 with some opposite sex activity, but haven't had sex with a lady in well over 10 years. I would be interested in meeting you for some very hot oral with and I love to 69. I'm dreaming about sucking your cock and swallowing your cum now.Please let me hear from you soon. Tom
  2. Thank you for asking me to be a friend. I read your profile, I wish I was more like you when I was your age. I have always, been bisexual. But, almost no male-male activity until I was 58 and realized life is too short to put off my desires for another day and fortunately the internet was available to make it happen. So now I have a long-term male friend to play with. I have never done anal; tried toys and only experienced pain, no pleasure. But, oral, 9 inches of thick dick down my throat feels wonderful.

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